Zander's Taco Truck Seasoning was started two years ago right in Zander's garage. After running a successful taco truck in his local neighborhood, Zander knew he wanted to go bigger than just one truck. He noticed the lack of spices and seasonings for a true authentic Mexican experience in his local supermarket. He knew he could bring something truly different to the selection.

Zander started making and packaging his taco truck seasoning for his family and friends. After very positive feedback and a huge demand outside of his family, he knew he had something special. It was time to make this available to everyone and make it where families everywhere could have an easy fiesta any day of the week. He made up his mind to go national.

After a lot of hard work and two years of constant tweaking and testing, Zander's Taco Truck Seasoning is ready to lauch! With two launch flavors in Original Classic and Carnitas Street Tacos that we know you and your family will love! Please look for us at your local store this year. Come back late 2017 for the opportunity to purchase our delicious seasonings and more online!